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Tattoos - Althena

Althena began working in the tattoo industry in 2005. She did not become a tattoo artist until 2018 when her husband and studio partner, Rev Benson gave her the opportunity to become an apprentice.


She loves to work on flash she generates and is always creating something. You can find her hand sewn costumes and jewelry with Benne Gezeritt Witch. This fusion costume and jewelry aesthetic was heavily influenced by American bellydance and one of her favorite artists, Mardi Love.  

When Althena and Rev aren't working on their respective art obsession or tattoo projects, they can be found at Love Me Two Times. Where they sell the antique and vintage goods they were able to let go of. They both love to collect antiques, especially from Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.

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I got an original calf piece designed by Althena Tattoo and it was a great experience and the tattoo is healing beautifully!
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