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Tattoos by Rev

Rev Benson has been tattooing in Tulsa since it was not a legally recognized art. He worked towards legalization with OBAC to protect his artistic peers and tattoo collectors alike. They were successful in bringing legal tattooing to Oklahoma in 2006. No job is too big or small, he has an especial focus on creating tattoos that offer a symbolic representation of the wearer's experience. 

Rev worked tirelessly to complete his apprenticeship with the old school tattoo artists that brought him into the field. After a decade with his teachers, he founded Tulsa Tattoo Co. He believes in paving the way for the old school to blend with an appreciation for the diversity in every individual's path. After 9 years running a blended tattoo shop he decided to pursue a private studio to focus on growing his art. Rev loves to paint in acrylic and is a self-ascribed luddite who greatly enjoys the work that comes with achieving his goals.

When Rev isn't tattooing, he is painting miniatures for WarHammer, 40K, Necromunda and more. If you want to spend time with your artist discussing comic books, motorcycles, and philosophy- you've found your guy. 

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Emmy- Tulsa

When I walked into this studio I had only had one professional tattoo done prior. I wanted to get a large horror half sleeve. Never once did they look at me like I was ridiculous or anything. Instead, Rev and I tossed around ideas and inspirations for what the tattoo should contain. He was the first artist that I had gone to that knew what American McGee's Alice was! Needless to say I left with an amazing piece and have gone back and will continue to go back for more.
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